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Saul slaughters priests in his campaign against David; David’s prayerful response in psalms: 1 Samuel 22:1–2; Psalm 57; Psalm 142; 1 Chronicles 12:8–18; 1 Samuel 22:3–23; Psalm 52; 1 Samuel 23:1–12

Was Saul even listening to God or seeking Him at all any more? In his efforts to retain the throne, Saul was now slaughtering priests and moving his entire army against David and his men rather than defending Israel against real threats, like the Philistines.

After David defeated the Philistines at Keilah, Saul’s response was:

1 Samuel 23:7-8 ‘Good! … We’ve got him now! God has handed him over to me, for he has trapped himself in a walled town!’ So Saul mobilised his entire army to march to Keilah and besiege David and his men.

David and his men left once God told them the people of Keilah would hand him over.