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Ahaziah rules Judah for a year Jehu kills him and Joram (king of Israel): 2 Kings 8:23−29; 2 Chronicles 22:1−7; 2 Kings 9−10:17; 2 Chronicles 22:8−9; 2 Kings 10:18−31

Elijah had prophesied the consequences over Ahab for killing Naboth and his sons, and now it finally happened: Ahab’s family was wiped out. Elisha had commissioned Jehu to do the deed.

For some reason, Ahaziah and Joram met Jehu at Naboth’s land. Either the two kings had very short memories or no respect for God or his prophets. Both were recorded as evil kings. Jehu, who seems to have seen the murder of Naboth, had them shot with arrows (as was Ahab):

2 Kings 9:25-26 Jehu said to Bidkar, his officer, “Throw him into the plot of land that belonged to Naboth of Jezreel. Do you remember when you and I were riding along behind his father, Ahab? The Lord pronounced this message against him: ‘I solemnly swear that I will repay him here on this plot of land, says the Lord, for the murder of Naboth and his sons that I saw yesterday.’ So throw him out on Naboth’s property, just as the Lord said.

The entire word from Elijah was fulfilled as Jezebel and the rest of Ahab’s family were killed.