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Cyrus lets the exiles return. They start rebuilding the Temple, but they are opposed by locals who stop the works: Ezra 1:1–4:5;1 Chronicles 3:17–24

After 70 years of exile, the people of Judah, Levi and Benjamin returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. When the foundation stone was (re)laid, the response was:

Ezra 3:11-13 With praise and thanks, they sang this song to the Lord:
‘He is so good!
His faithful love for Israel endures forever!’
Then all the people gave a great shout, praising the Lord because the foundation of the Lord’s Temple had been laid.

But many of the older priests, Levites, and other leaders who had seen the first Temple wept aloud when they saw the new Temple’s foundation. The others, however, were shouting for joy. The joyful shouting and weeping mingled together in a loud noise that could be heard far in the distance.

Included were the singers from the family of Asaph, who lent his name to some of the psalms.