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Nebuchadnezzar starts his final invasion of Judah: 2 Kings 25:1–2; Jeremiah 52:3–5; Jeremiah 39:1; Ezekiel 24

So it wasn’t the iron pot envisaged by Jerusalem’s leaders. As God promised, they were in a  very different iron pot:

Ezekiel 24:5 She is a cooking pot
whose corruption can’t be cleaned out.

And it was about to be destroyed because it couldn’t be cleaned:

Ezekiel 24:9What sorrow awaits Jerusalem,
the city of murderers!
I myself will pile up the fuel beneath her.
Yes, heap on the wood!
Let the fire roar to make the pot boil.
Cook the meat with many spices,
and afterward burn the bones.
Now set the empty pot on the coals.
Heat it red hot!
Burn away the filth and corruption.
But it’s hopeless;
the corruption can’t be cleaned out.
So throw it into the fire.
Your impurity is your lewdness
and the corruption of your idolatry.