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Elihu on suffering and God’s justice: Job 35–37

Elihu’s view of God was that justice would eventually come. He knew God saw suffering and oppression wherever it happened:

35:13-14 But it is wrong to say God doesn’t listen,  to say the Almighty isn’t concerned. You say you can’t see him, but he will bring justice if you will only wait.

He saw justice as a long game that would be played out in eternity:

36:7 He never takes his eyes off the innocent, but he sets them on thrones with kings and exalts them forever.

Even though no one has earned God’s favour:

37:23-24 We cannot imagine the power of the Almighty;  but even though he is just and righteous,  he does not destroy us. No wonder people everywhere fear him.  All who are wise show him reverence.